Lollapalooza with Boohoo


Boohoo August 3rd 2016 Taylor Dini @ Lollapalooza This city, this festival, these people, all together an experience one will have trouble forgetting! This happened to be my seventh consecutive year attending the Lollapalooza festival and I can easily say I would take it on again next year. Each year is a different experience and the artists that attend ...

Banish Acne


"Focus on the internal rather than external healing." Banish Skincare Promise My favorite: The Banish Starter Kit The Banish team provides great detail on all of their products and kits whether its what they contain, how to apply, and how often. Banish Starter Kit Contains: Vitamin C Serum Vitamin C Beauty Elixir Medium Banisher Pen Banisher Pumpkin Enzyme ...

Find of the Week: BirkSun


"Change the way the world is powered." BirkSun CHANGE THE WAY THE WORLD IS POWERED We believe in changing the way our world is powered. The sun shows up every day and produces ridiculous amounts of power but most of us are stuck indoors and don't get to enjoy it. That's why we created ...

[Eye]deal Eyebrows


"There is only one part of a woman's body that she does not want to be thinner. Her eyebrows." It is to go without saying that maintaining a perfect pair of brows is something we are all striving for now-a-days. Something about the way perfectly imperfect eyebrows lay stark on a bare face is just so appealing! ...


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