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If there is one thing I have noticed amongst my Parisian travels, it is that the Frenchies have unbelievably supple and beautiful skin. Something about clear/youthful skin and a consistent skincare routine is just so motivating! Noted, it has been somewhat of a mission of mine to find quality, organic, and paraben/sulfate free products. Huygens takes those product qualities to heart with the addition of maintaining organically produced lines. Well, all organic besides a body creme that is made with donkey milk (donkey….milk….).

With that being said, when I was invited to the launch of their new perfume, I was thrilled to get the inside scoop on this Parisian beauty and apothecary brand. It was such an experience. After being informed on the process of production, I was then able to create my own product and infuse an essential oil of my choice.








I have an everlasting love of essential oils as I feel they are one of the strongest natural healers. I am constantly mixing them into lotions, oils, sprays, and my prized infuser (literally every night). I decided to go with crafting a dry oil and infuse it with some sassy verve. Verve is great for assisting multi-tasking and acting dynamic/sensual. I chose a dry oil because it can be used on face, body, and hair (who wouldn’t choose an everything oil?) and even better; body oils can be mixed with lotions, scrubs, etc. for an added boost in everyday products!


If you are ever looking for organic CUSTOM skincare, Huygens has a vast product line that will cater to whatever needs you may have. Highly recommend.

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Verve Dry Oil 35EU


Bois Rose Body Lotion 29EU


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