Product Spotlight: Quantum Lysine+

Happy Thanksgiving! The colder months are fast approaching and the even colder winds have come barreling through at an alarming speed. The transition into Fall and Winter is probably my favorite time of year. Cozy sweaters, snow days, hot cocoa on tap and the family coming together from all over…I CANNOT GET ENOUGH!

Despite all of the rain and snow surrounding the holidays; my hands, face and skin begin to see a drought around this time of year. Now I am pretty used to the Chicago cold but nevertheless I am on a constant hunt for products to best combat against the rougher weather. I have recently started using products by Quantum Health and after a few weeks of use, the difference has become obvious to me! Below is a list of my favorite products from the brand; along with the pros, cons, and basic uses for each. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have! xx

Super Lysine+® Tablets

Lysine is great for the immune system, especially in the colder months when flu season comes around. These tablets can be taken daily or when your immune system needs a little extra kick and they include six active ingredients:

  • L-Lysine – Our feature ingredient known to promote oral health through influencing arginine activity*
  • Vitamin C – Trusted whole health vitamin, long known to support a healthy immune response*
  • Garlic Bulb (deodorized) – Traditional botanical relied on during times of immune system challenge*
  • Echinacea – Botanical found to support a healthy immune response, especially at the start of an immune system challenge*
  • Propolis – A rich resin produced by bees to protect their hives; provides powerful antioxidant support when taken as a supplement*
  • Licorice Root – Traditional botanical now known to demonstrate helpful antioxidant effects*

Lip Clear® Lysine+®

The Lip Clear products contain lysine as well, the product doubles as both a moisturizer and a medicine for dry lips and cold sores that often come hand-in-hand with the winter months. The Lip Clear Lysine is essentially a combination of the two other product I’ve been using from Quantum. The ointment has 5 active ingredients, all of which are safe for skin contact on most areas of the body and face. Active ingredients as follows:

  • Menthol – the active ingredient that relieves pain quickly
  • Lysine – Well-researched amino acid that suppresses the activity of arginine, which is a common trigger
  • Calendula – Soothing botanical historically used to calm irritated skin
  • Olive Oil and Propolis – moisturize while promoting resolution
  • Zinc Oxide – This has been shown to inhibit viral replication and promote rapid resolution

The Super Lysine+®

This product is probably my favorite of the three and might even be my favorite lip product this season. Although this chapstick aids lips with extreme dryness and/or cold sores, it can be used daily and in place of your normal everyday chapstick! It lasts far longer than any chapstick I have used in the past (similar to Palmer’s coco butter stick) and is made up of completely natural ingredients. Ingredients as follows:

  • Lysine – Well-researched amino acid that suppresses the activity of arginine, which is a common trigger
  • Calendula – Soothing botanical historically used to calm irritated skin
  • Immune-supporting Naturals – Goldenseal leaf, echinacea, tea tree oil, and propolis
  • Intensive Moisturizing Oils – Safflower, castor seed, jojoba, and vitamin E
  • Octinoxate & Oxybenzone – Trusted OTC sun screen ingredients, which may reduce cold sore aggravation triggered by sun exposure

If you are in need of some all natural skin care/beauty this season and want it to include some extra immune support, Quantum Health has a variety of products that help with almost every area! Their products can be purchased on the Quantum website or at your local Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and various grocery stores. If there are any natural remedies or products you guys are loving, do write in!





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