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IMG_4525It amazes me how, after all the traveling I have done the past few months, I am able to remain so perfectly uninspired. In fact, after I typed that first sentence I literally stared at my screen until it fell asleep from lack of activity…It just happened again. Currently I am in one of my favorite coffee shops, Verve. Walking distance from where I live, I have grown attached to the habit of sitting at the long stark table in the center of the room. Laptop/book in hand, and an over priced coffee that I probably don’t need to be drinking; even if the keyboard is left untouched; the book unopened, I am content.

Now that I think about it, sometimes being uninspired is inspiring all in one. Allowing ourselves to step back and watch the world go on around us is pretty insightful at times. So much so I am bewildered and curious as to what each persons’ life is like in this very coffee shop at this very moment. Behind me I can feel the excitement oozing from a table of young girls, early 20’s I’m guessing, as the birthday festivities of a dear friend begin. To my left is a lady as quirky as they come. She stood for the bathroom and seemed to tower well above 6 feet in her large mules (those are shoes for those of you who do not know, I am not calling her a large animal). She embraces her height. She seems inspired…so much so that her hands type lightyears ahead of her mind and it results in her aggressively hitting the delete button on her keyboard. Its growing increasingly annoying to be completely honest.

The man next to me seems uninspired as well. He sits with his laptop open on a document, typing a few words a minute then breaking to people watch. Doodles some on a scratchpad, that he probably throws in and out of his bag given the creased corners and wrinkled pages; and then returns to his document. I’m naming him Mick. Mick the freelance graphic designer/painter. He probably began coming to this coffee shop long before its popularity, over priced drinks, and small bites I can’t pronounce the name of (he probably can’t either). He returns regularly out of loyalty to his habit and the people who work here that know him by name.

I am not sure that there is any relevance to this post and I am not entirely sure that it has to do with anything at all; BUT, as I sit in this habit and watch instead of think, I find inspiration in the curiosity of the world. Sometimes all the inspiration we need is to let go of what we think we need to be thinking about and just let our minds romp around and see where it takes us.

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  • Anonymous
    February 27, 2017

    I agree. I believe a lot of the inspiration we receive is just by observing the world around us. We are often so lost in this world that we forget to take a deep breath and look at our surroundings and nature. When I dont feel inspired, I try to organize what and whats not making me happy, and change it up a bit. I listen to my intuition and try something new. Btw i love your blog and your one of my biggest inspirations<3

    • Taylor
      March 3, 2017

      Thank you so much for the love! I will be posting a lot more now that my new site is up 🙂 xxx

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