Paris Fashion Week: Day 1

Look: Turtleneck: Topshop / Jacket: Zara Women / Pants: Zara Women / Belt(s): Off White / Shoes: Louis Vuitton / Bag: Urban Outfitters / Sunglasses: Na-KD / Shop my look at the end of the post

Bonjour Paris!

How lovely it is to meet you again, and almost one year later. Despite being quickly reminded that oversized cold brew is not nearly a concept here; I took on my first day with boundless energy.

I arrived in Paris at about 9:30 AM and went straight to my friend’s classic Parisian apartment to catch up! The lunch spot, of the day, was up in the air but I convinced my frenchies to take me to the most classic place they knew of. After having someone translate the entire menu, I went with a french bread basket and a salmon vegetable salad (so fresh might I add). Something about eating french bread in France felt so right!

After much talk of nonsense (and a two hour nap), we got ourselves ready for the evening. This particular night consisted of a Huygens Product Launch. Huygens is a French beauty apothecary brand which uses only the finest of plant extracts, amongst all of its products. The event was beautiful and I was able to create my own product and infuse it with the essential oil of my choice! To see what I chose and learn more about Huygens stay tuned for tonight’s post.

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