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It has most definitely been too long since I last wrote to you and I hope we are all pleased with the changes. My site was in need of a bit more personalization so that is what I have been up too (along with myriad other distractions) the last month or so! I want to give a huge thanks to David Zoppi, my outstanding website designer, for making my ideas come together visually and technically. I am most excited about my new Q&A section where you can post whatever questions you have for me (about anything at all). To kick off the new site I collaborated with the one and only Coco Tarte. We decided to incorporateĀ a little Rosie the Riveter with some eccentric trends and I am really loving how it all came together.

In a more recent feat of events I graduated college and took a full-time position in the world of adulthood. Not entirely sure of where this journey will take me, I am more than excited for its epic (or kind slow) beginning. If I learned anything in college it is that the lessons learned are far greater than a diploma can express. College is much like adulthood in that you truly get out what you put in.

Click clack below to be taken to these items if available

Left Look: Mesh Top by Urban Outfitters, Jumper by Zara, Beanie by Urban Outfitters, Bralette by Windsor, Ankle Boots by Boohoo (not exact)

Right Look: Necklace by N/A, Jumper by Zara, Shoes by


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